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First Real Post!

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Dear Reader:

Welcome to my blog for my new book UNHOOKED.

As you may know, UNHOOKED explores the issues surrounding “hooking up” and how hooking up affects the lives of young people across the country. The goal of both the book and this blog is to spark a conversation about what the hookup culture really is, what it’s like to participate in it, and how it affects the lives and emotions of young women (and young men).

If the early response to UNHOOKED is any guide, hooking up is an issue that a lot of people – young and not-so-young, children and parents, have strong feelings about. I’d like to hear from you – be you young or old – about the ideas that I explore in UNHOOKED.the phenomenon of hooking up in general, and the impact it has had on you or people you know.

You will hear more about the book in the days to come on radio and TV shows like “Nightline” and “Today,” but it’s important to begin a dialogue at the center of the issue: You.

So I’ll let you know what I’m hearing and seeing if you do the same.

Let’s begin.